Bringing specialist healthcare right where it is needed!

We are on a mission to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to rural communities, directly in their homes.

If you are a Health worker or a Doctor, help us bridge the healthcare gap in your community with the Caare Doctor Mobile App.

Benefits for Health Workers:
1. Can create ABHA IDs for Patients
2. Employment opportunities
3. Less Labor intensive
4. Additional income options

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What we do

The Caare Assisted Telemedicine app
simplifies virtual health services for communities that have the greatest need but also the least access.

Empower health workers to be enablers of change

We welcome nurses, counselors, ASHA workers, Anganwadi workers, lab technicians, pathologists, or any other community health workers to join us.

  • Free and quick onboarding
  • Dedicated Access for Health Workers
  • Commission on each consultation
  • Indirect training through Sr.Doctor
Establish telemedicine clinics in rural neighborhoods

Rural Indian patients have to travel long distances to access basic and specialist medical treatment.

Our rural telemedicine clinics have helped reach last-mile communities, reduced their distance to quality healthcare, and provided a safe environment to have their needs addressed.

Partner with qualified doctors and healthcare providers

Nearly 75% of Indians live in rural villages, and yet more than 75% of Indian doctors are based in cities. Our aim is to bridge this rural-urban disparity.

Our network of doctors, specialists and hospitals in urban cities ensures that patients receive credible and reliable medical advice.


Building on Milestones in 2022 to Grow the Social Enterprise Ecosystem in 2023


Leveraging Nonfinancial Support to Scale Healthcare Access for All​


Featured by SAP on their twitter handle SAP4Good for bringing equitable healthcare to all


No Poverty (SDG 1) & Promoting Good Health and Wellbeing (SDG 3)

How does Caare Assisted Telemedicine work

1. Meet the Local Health Worker

Meet the Health Worker and he or she will schedule a video consultation with the online Senior Doctor based on the need.

2. Consult with Senior Doctor

Local Health Worker, who are experienced healthcare professionals, will ask questions and take vitals to share with online Senior doctors in real-time.

3. Get treatment like Hospital

Together, the Patient will video chat with Local Health Worker and the Senior doctor who will provide care, offer a treatment plan, and prescribe medication.

A few of our Rural Clinics and Health Camps

Their experience

Mobile App for Doctors

 Benefits for Doctors:
  • Simplified process for Doctors
  • Privacy for Doctors
  • Access to Health workers through Caare App
  • Access to Patient Health history & Vitals
  • Guaranteed followup

Mobile App for Families

 Benefits for Families:
  • A Health Worker at Home or near Home
  • Reduced Costs
  • Saves time & Virus free
  • Access to renowned Doctors
  • Patient wellness centralized track-record


Rural Assisted Telemedicine

People have used virtual health care visits or telemedicine services more than ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Rural communities.

Story behind..


Andhra Pradesh: app to help rural patients reach out to doctors in time

The app helps patients to connect with doctors and explain them the health issues with the help of Rural Medical Practitioners (RMPs). In telemedicine system, patients can interact with doctors directly,

Core Team

Gopa Tota

Gopa Tota

Co-founder & Homecare Expert

Gopa Tota

Co-founder & Homecare Expert
Rohit Naidu

Rohit Naidu

Designer at Core & Developer in action

Rohit Naidu

Designer at Core & Developer in action
Manish Gaurav

Manish Gaurav

General Manager Business Development

Manish Gaurav

General Manager Business Development

Advisory Team

Kalpana Raina

Kalpana Raina

COO at Impact Communications

Kalpana Raina

COO at Impact Communications
Dr TPK Swamy

Dr TPK Swamy

40+ Years General Medicine

Dr TPK Swamy

40+ Years General Medicine
Rahul Grover

Rahul Grover

Leadership Team Amazon US

Rahul Grover

Leadership Team Amazon US
Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar

CEO Citizens India Foundation

Manoj Kumar

CEO Citizens India Foundation
Coming Soon (2)(1)

Caare Video Vitals

We're currently enhancing our Mobile App and Web App with an AI-powered, video-based, software-only solution that will enable any one in need of real-time health data to easily extract a wide range of health indicators from mobile phones / laptops with end-user agreement.

Hear Rate
Beta Testing - Heart Rate
Blood Pressure
Coming Soon - Blood Pressure
Coming Soon - Respiration
Coming Soon - SpO2


Since the camera found on every typical smart device serves as the sensor for measuring vital signs, Caare’s incredible compliance is realized (mobile phone, tablet, laptop). This implies that when a person is using a smart device, vital signs may be monitored entirely contactless, passively, and automatically. The user just must keep their face in the camera’s field of view for 40 seconds.

Caare Video Vitals: How Does It Work?

Red “micro blushes” appear on our skin when our hearts beat. Caare’s algorithms, which are undetectable by human sight, collect these minute colour changes, clean the signals, and translate them into vital sign data.

Photoplethysmography (PPG), which is now employed in finger pulse oximeters, is the foundation of our approach. The wiring clip, which is commonly used by physicians to assess pulse, is applied to your fingertip. Caare has developed the science by employing rPPG, or remote photoplethysmography, which makes Caare completely contactless.


PPG is a non-invasive device that measures the volumetric variations of blood circulation by using a light source and a photodetector at the skin’s surface. Remote PPG (rPPG) is a PPG technological progression that does not require physical touch, instead relying on ambient light reflected from the skin and collected remotely by a CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) camera. The collected color signals can then be filtered using AI techniques like Independent Component Analysis (ICA).

When a patient stares at a tablet or smartphone, the camera detects changes in the skin by reflecting light off blood vessels in the hypodermis. The camera’s data are then transformed into red, green, and blue (RGB) values and transmitted to the cloud at a rate of 30 times per second.

These RGB data are then subjected to independent component analysis, signal processing, and Caare’s algorithms before being returned as vital signs readings.

Caare offers a single set of measurements—currently necessitated by many devices—in under 40 seconds.

With Caare’s technology, patients and consumers may have their non-contact static health monitored without the use of extra equipment thanks to the widespread use of mobile phones and tablets.

About us

Providing basic healthcare to Rural & Senior communities directly in their homes is the goal of our Start Up.

We at Caare will empower the Health workers in Rural areas & Senior Communities with our simplified Mobile App so that they can become a bridge between the Patient and the Specialist Doctor. A Health worker at the patient home can simplify the process for the patients and doctor can get crucial vitals of patients allowing them to give a better treatment plan.

Caare is committed to providing high-quality patient care and service, backed by a network of knowledgeable healthcare partners. Our dedication to delivering a level of knowledge, training, patient service, and monitoring that is difficult to match in our business is at the heart of our approach to providing high-quality treatment.

Benefits for Health Workers:

  • Employment opportunities across cities and towns
  • Less Labor intensive
  • Additional income options during in-person visits
  • Better work-life balance
NGO Leadership Award
Andhra Pradesh State Conclave Award


The Next Decade Of Healthcare Is Primed For Seismic Disruption By Hospital-At-Home : Forrester



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