<span>Health Worker?</span>
{Nurse, Asha Worker, Anganwadi Worker, Counselor, Lab Technician, Pharmacist, Paramedic}

Health Worker?

Are you a *Community Health worker?

Be your OWN BOSS and support your neighborhood!

► Free on-boarding.
► Dedicated Access for Health Worker.
► Upto INR 100 Commission on each consultation.
► Indirect training through Senior Doctor.

*Health Workers - Nurses, Counselors, Lab Technicians, Asha Workers, Anganwadi Workers, Pathologists, Pharmacists, Paramedics, and any other Health Workers.

How does Caare work

1. Meet the Local Health Worker

Meet the Health Worker and he or she will schedule a video consultation with the online Senior Doctor based on the need.

2. Consult with Senior Doctor

Local Health Worker, who are experienced healthcare professionals, will ask questions and take vitals to share with online Senior doctors in real-time.

3. Get treatment like Hospital

Together, the Patient will video chat with Local Health Worker and the Senior doctor who will provide care, offer a treatment plan, and prescribe medication.

first Telemedicine clinic

Our First Telemedicine Rural Clinic

Our First Telemedicine Rural Clinic powered by Caare Platform and Caare Doctors in Uttar Pradesh

Mobile App for Doctors


Benefits for Doctors:

  • Simplified process for Doctors
  • Privacy for Doctors
  • Access to Health Worker through Caare
  • Access to Patient’s health history for augmented insights
  • Guaranteed Follow-up

Mobile App for Families

Benefits for Families:
  • A Health Worker at Home or near Home
  • Reduced Costs
  • Saves time
  • Virus-free
  • Access to renowned Doctors
  • Patient wellness centralized track-record


Rural Assisted Telemedicine

People have used virtual health care visits or telemedicine services more than ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Rural communities.

Story behind..


Andhra Pradesh: app to help rural patients reach out to doctors in time

The app helps patients to connect with doctors and explain them the health issues with the help of Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs). In telemedicine system, patients can interact with doctors directly,

About us

Caare is a human-centered consumer healthcare technology company. We’re on a mission to solve an issue that we all face: locating quality home care for the people we love.

Caare is committed to providing high-quality patient care and service, backed by a network of knowledgeable healthcare partners. Our dedication to delivering a level of knowledge, training, patient service, and monitoring that is difficult to match in our business is at the heart of our approach to providing high-quality treatment.

Benefits for Health Workers:

  • Employment opportunities across cities and towns
  • Less Labor intensive
  • Additional income options during in-person visits
  • Better work-life balance


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