Specialty care

Delivering specialized healthcare directly to those who need it most, precisely where they are located.

Caare – A People + Planet First Certified!


Caare’s Phygital Clinic Model combines a physical clinic with telemedicine to provide accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare to rural communities.

elderly care

Caare enhances senior healthcare by providing specialist services in familiar settings, aiming to improve well-being and lower healthcare costs.


Caare delivers remote care in rural areas, supplementing Medical Representatives.

onco Hub

Caare Onco Hubs offer specialist cancer care, with spokes providing local access and support.


Caare Dental AI helps dentists diagnose cavities & lesions in remote areas, improving access to quality dental care.


We are focused on delivering the highest quality care to marginalized communities.

In a world where change is the new constant, we’re all constantly evolving to keep pace.

Experts with 25+ Years Experience

Veterans with over 25 years of expertise, ensuring unparalleled quality and excellence in our services.

What we offer

Live happily, Live healthily

Nationally accredited

Caare holds accreditation from India's National Health Authority (NHA) and certification under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), ensuring trust and compliance in delivering healthcare solutions.

Sustainable and inclusive

Caare's solution fosters sustainability and inclusivity by providing comprehensive healthcare to marginalized communities through a blend of telemedicine, on-ground clinics, and partnerships with local stakeholders.


Caare's hybrid model seamlessly integrates in-person healthcare services with telemedicine solutions, ensuring accessibility and quality care for marginalized communities while leveraging digital technology and local resources.

Expert Team

Caare's expert team comprises healthcare professionals, technologists, and innovators dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare delivery, ensuring quality, accessibility, and sustainability for marginalized communities worldwide.

Technology Driven

Caare leverages cutting-edge technology to drive innovation in healthcare, ensuring efficient, scalable, and accessible solutions for remote and marginalized communities, transforming lives through digital health advancements.


Caare facilitates access to diagnostic and point-of-care devices for rural centers at affordable rates, ensuring quality healthcare delivery in underserved communities through cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

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Modern & Advanced Technology for You & Your family Health Care

Cutting-edge tech for comprehensive family healthcare, ensuring modern solutions for your loved ones’ well-being and vitality.









Quality Equipments

Through our Partners

Explore Abbott’s cutting-edge equipment and point-of-care devices, all offered at lower than market prices. Below is a partial list of products. Reach out to us for more details and to make a purchase today!

New Arrival

Abbott Hematology Analyzer H380


Customer Experience

Customers consistently report positive experiences with Caare’s solutions, citing easy access to specialists, seamless care coordination, and a sense of empowerment in managing health.


Caare’s platform connects us with top specialists from our village, who are typically only accessible in cities.

Ghanshyam Mishra

Lab Technician


Seniors favor Caare for its user-friendly interface via health workers and accessible healthcare options, reflecting positive feedback.

Abhishek Prasad

Manager - Ashiana Senior Living


I was relieved to avoid extensive travel for a specialist’s consultation, given my septic swollen leg.

Latika J

Critical Care Patient

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