Oral AI

Empowering Marginalized Populations with AI-driven Oral Care

Oral diseases, encompassing a range of conditions such as dental caries, periodontal diseases, oral cancer, and lesions, remain a major global health issue. Dental caries, characterized by the erosion of tooth enamel due to bacterial acids, can lead to discomfort and tooth loss. Periodontal diseases affect the gums and bones supporting teeth, while oral cancers can have severe health implications. These conditions not only impact individual health but also impose a substantial burden on healthcare systems, typically diagnosed through visual examination and X-rays by skilled dental professionals.

Forget fancy X-rays and expensive manual work! Caare Oral AI analyzes phone camera images to empower dentists in remote areas. They upload patient pictures, get AI insights, and consult with specialists for better diagnoses and treatment plans. Patients also benefit! Snapping a pic of their mouth helps them understand their oral health and seek professional care when needed. Caare Oral AI bridges the gap, making quality dental care accessible with the tech you already have in your pocket.

Problem Statement:

Caare Oral AI tackles the challenge of inaccurate and limited access to dental diagnoses, particularly in remote areas. Traditional methods often rely on visual examinations and X-rays, which can miss subtleties or require expensive equipment. Our solution leverages smartphone technology and AI to bridge this gap. By analyzing phone camera images of teeth, Caare Oral AI empowers dentists with precise cavity and lesion detection, improving diagnostic accuracy. This not only benefits specialists in remote locations by offering AI-powered insights, but also fosters patient engagement through a user-friendly way to understand their oral health.

Solution Overview:

The project utilizes computer vision technology for AI-powered oral disease diagnosis. Unlike traditional models that merely classify an image as containing a cavity, our solution identifies and marks each area of interest (like individual cavities), enabling precise tracking over time and analysis of each issue. The system currently accepts images, with potential to incorporate video analysis in future versions.

We offer two specialized models:

  1. Basic model: An AI model solution to detect and marks oral problems such as cracks, caries, cavities, Stains/calculus, Gum disease, and Ulcer/Cancerous Lesion.
  2. A comprehensive model: An AI model solution to detect and marks type of oral diseases, including Gum disease type or Cancerous lesion type.
 These models are designed to boost the accuracy and efficiency of dental diagnostics.


Inaccessible and inaccurate dental diagnoses create a ripple effect of negative consequences for global health. Untreated cavities and oral diseases lead to pain, discomfort, and difficulty eating, impacting overall well-being. This can hinder productivity, school attendance, and even job opportunities.

Furthermore, undiagnosed issues can progress to severe infections, tooth loss, and potential systemic health problems like heart disease or diabetes. These complications place a significant burden on healthcare systems, especially in underserved communities where access to quality dental care is already limited.

Caare Oral AI solution aims to disrupt this cycle by offering a more accessible and accurate diagnostic tool. By empowering dentists with AI-powered insights from readily available phone camera images, Caare Oral AI has the potential to improve early detection rates, leading to timely interventions and better treatment outcomes. This can significantly improve not only oral health but also overall well-being and potentially reduce the burden on healthcare systems globally.