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Your Health Records, All in One Place: Introducing ABHA

ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account), launched in September 2021, is a game-changer for managing your health information. Imagine having all your medical records, past and present, conveniently stored in a secure digital platform. That’s the power of ABHA!

Benefits of ABHA:

  • Centralized Repository: Say goodbye to scattered medical records! ABHA stores prescriptions, lab reports, and other health information all in one place.
  • Improved Access: Easily share your medical history with doctors, clinics, and hospitals, streamlining treatment and consultations.
  • Empowerment: Take control of your health data! ABHA allows you to store, update, and manage your information digitally.

ABHA is part of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), a government initiative to revolutionize healthcare access in India. With ABHA, you can finally experience the ease and convenience of having your complete health profile readily available whenever and wherever you need it.